Art Gallery
art gallery

These are *some* pics of Artemis, more will be coming soon, I promise, and there are always some at the other Galleries. =^.^=

kitty love
NOW you've done it
AUGH! he's looking at me!
oh my..
artemis' family
artemis and his family as cats
artemis as a human..
swing low..
nice place for a nap
wink if you love me
look carefully and see Artemis riding around like Diana
Minako hugging a pillow and Arty dun look pleased
Artemis giving Minako a hug and kiss (hey! sickos! It's not like that!)
Quite possibly my favorite picture of Minako and Artemis. Minako is lounging with Arty on her back. Cuteness!
Usagi dreams of being an ice skater while Minako, Artemis, and Luna sit around
Artemis in trouble.. smart mouth..
Minako shushing us, and arty lookin kinda cute in b&w
AAAAAAUGH! This is TOO frickin cute!
B/w Artemis cheering Sailor V on. ^_^
b/w Artemis hanging onto Sailor V's arm. Cuuuuute
Poor artemis...
artemis sprawls out
doctor artemis
Artemis lookin a bit chubby
hugglie luv!
a heh..heh.. heh.. *sweatdrop
arty parading around in the 6th artbook
caaaaaaat fiiiiight
arty and the family
artemis as a human *swoons*
a ticked off 'Taru and the kitties
*is* that arty on usagi's head? well, even if it isn't, tis a white kitty ^^
the bond that saved Minako
a fluffy arty
another fluffy arty
the sleep of the innocent ^_-
the smile that launched a thousand ships. well, it could
artemis and luna napping anime style
artemis, busted!
a small piccie of arty napping
Artemis not lookin too thrilled
Diana pulling a chibiusa..squish!

follow venus and arty back home!
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